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26 Nov, 2023

Civil society calls on Japan, Korea, Taiwan’s transnational corporations and governments to urgently take action and adopt BHR legislation to end corporate abuses and achieve sustainability for future generations

23 Nov, 2023

[Brochure] KTNC Watch Highlights

5 Oct, 2023

Introducing Bill on Human Rights and Environmental Protection for Sustainable Business Management

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7 Sep, 2023

[Online Event] Webinar: introducing an Asia-first Proposed Bill on Mandatory Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence in Korea

Press Release
1 Sep, 2023

South Korean Lawmakers Propose an Asia-first Bill on Mandatory Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence

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23 Jul, 2023

[Press Release] Lao dam disaster: NGOs decry lack of effective remedy for survivors five years on

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27 Oct, 2022

The Korean NCP should be condemned for exonerating Samsung Heavy Industries from its responsibilities for the Martin Linge Project crane accident

21 Jan, 2022

KTNC Watch condemns Korean NCP for failing to provide remedies to indigenous peoples who have lost their forest for life to palm oil plantations

Press Release
4 Jan, 2022

Community and Activists Succeed in Holding the South Korean Oil Company Accountable for Polluting Freshwater Deposits in Kazakhstan